Making the Internet work hard for businesses

How we work

We do believe that the use of communication tools such as the VoIP telephone and websites will help us all to cut down on our use of transportation.
Therefore, you won’t find us arranging meetings with you face to face, in person, if this means spending hours in a car or on a train or plane. It doesn’t make economic or environmental sense for our consultants to do this anymore.
Everything we need to do with you can be handled by one to one phone calls, conference calls, emails or online video meetings. It all helps to keeps our carbon footprint as well as our prices down as much as possible.
We mean it when we say we are building a green web of interconnected reliable people where success is measured not just by how much money you make but also by how few resources you consume.
We  live in difficult and uncertain times. The economics of growth have created big problems already and we want to be part of the solution rather than contributing to making it worse.

The Internet revolution has changed so much about our working world that it would be difficult for us to even imagine going back to life without it.

Yet it hasn’t all been a bed of roses.

Many people have a love hate relationship going on with this whole global communications age phenomenon.

Some people may love Facebook and Twitter, while others still feel a resistance to the very idea of making their private lives so public.
One thing we can all agree on, though, is that we live on a finite planet whose resources are not infinite. So we must manage what we have, effectively and wisely, if we are not to end up squandering all our precious resources and fighting each other over the rights to basic commodities such as water and food.

Our experience working with the Internet since it all began, has led us to appreciate that for any company to thrive today they need to communicate efficiently and skilfully with their customers. Having a well designed website is just one aspect of a growing system of internet tools that all businesses need to use effectively.

It is our aim to provide internet services to businesses at the lowest prices possible without compromising on reliability or wasting the planet’s resources.

Why do we care so much about green values?

We are not a large company

We prefer to work with the flexibility and creativity of other people who want to run their own successful small businesses . We build networks of professionals who enjoy their work rather than being tied to a job that they are just not interested in.